Other Stories

Cromosoma Cinco is a powerful moving documentary-film that Lisa co-authored and co-directed with internationally renowned filmmaker Maria Ripoll. The film is based on Lisa’s personal diaries and tells a story loss and encounter. The story begins with Andrea’s birth, premature, precious, and yet so different. Her parents begin a more than a long-year search for answers. The final diagnose Andrea receives is a rare syndrome named 5P- or Cri du Chat. Andrea has lost a tiny part of her chromosome five and her mother will find a way of seeing and understanding life and light. 

The film was co-produced with the Radio Televisión Española RTVE and officially launched in the Malaga Film Festival in 2013. Since then, it has traveled to many other international film festivals and is currently available at RTVE-LAB Cromosoma Cinco and Cervantes Institutes around the globe.