Lisa Pram is a Barcelona based photographer born and raised in Denmark and Spain, nurtured by both cultures, languages, visuals and specific aesthetics. Her story with photography stems from a deep quest to find beauty in friction, sometimes opposites and even in uncertainty. She has balanced between photography, motion and literary projects since 2001. Curiosity and constant experimentation keeps her moving forward. Whether it’s fine art photography, people, portrait or lifestyle photography, her approach is easily recognizable, and her instinctive use of light and bright colors has attracted an impressive roster of international clients.

Her work has been exhibited in New York Photography Festival, Voies Off Festival Rencontres d´Arles and Copenhagen Photo Festival. 

In the documentary field, she is the co-author and co-director of Cromosoma Cinco, a powerful and moving film based on her own personal diaries. It was launched in the Malaga Film Festival in 2013, and warmly received by the audience. Since then, it has traveled to many other International Festivals. It is currently available at RTVE-LAB Cromosoma Cinco and Cervantes Institutes around the globe. 

For further inquiries please contact us at: lisa@lisapram.com